Smoothie Time: Green Machine

Throughout January, many of us will be trying to make better choices when it comes to food, drink and exercise. Whilst some people stick to 'Dry January', others like to make changes to their diet. My family are trying to do that as well, we have started 'Meat-Free Mid-Week' and just trying to make more healthy meals. One drink which is a perfect healthy choice is a green smoothie! Last weekend, I made a green smoothie bowl inspired by a recipe video by Dzung Duong from Honeysuckle. I made a few changes based on what we had in our fridge and I loved it - I posted it on Instagram too! I decided to try it as a normal smoothie as well and it tastes just as good! Spinach is a great option for those who don't always put greens in their smoothies as it doesn't impact the flavour at all. The banana, mango and coconut milk give a gorgeous tropical flavour. It might not look the most appetising, but it tastes amazing! This recipe is also dairy-free.

Smoothie Time: Green Machine - Life Of A Beauty Nerd

First Impressions: INC.redible Matte My Day

It's only 17 days into 2018 and I am already writing up another liquid lipstick post. I spent much of the end of 2017 raving about the NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment in American Woman so I thought it was about time I tried something else. Last year, Thea Green of Nails Inc. launched a new beauty brand: INC.redible. The range looks absolutely stunning and I will definitely be trying out more of the range. Today, I am giving my first impressions on the INC.redible Matte My Day liquid lip paint in Fake It Till I Make It.

First Impressions: INC.redible Matte My Day - Life Of A Beauty Nerd

New Hair Products I Am Loving

Just like your skin, your hair can get used to the products that you use and you won't get the results that you want all the time. For this reason, I like to switch up the products in my hair care routine so I can see the results that I want. I mentioned this in my hair care routine post but I'll say it again in case you haven't read that post, I have very thick hair that tends to frizz up a bit if it gets wet or when it dries naturally so I look for products that will nourish, protect and tame my hair. I have been using these new products for a while now and I really love using them.

New Hair Products I Am Loving - Life Of A Beauty Nerd

January Birchbox: Stand Tall

I am so excited to be writing my first Birchbox post for 2018. This month's box was designed in collaboration with the stationary brand Ohh Deer. I have loved Ohh Deer for a while as I think they make the cutest stationary, my white marble Daily Journal that appears in almost every one of my blog photos (like in the one below!) is from Ohh Deer's collaboration with Urban Outfitters. I am loving all the flamingos on this box. The theme is all about being individual and standing out from the crowd, and embracing whatever makes you, you! I think that is an incredible mantra to stand by for this year and the rest of our lives. So now let's have a peek in this month's box.

January Birchbox 2018 - Life Of A Beauty Nerd
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