Smoothie Time: Halloween Smoothie Bowl

Halloween is almost upon us and when I was starting to plan my October posts, I knew that my smoothie post for the month, had to be Halloween-themed. So here it is, a Halloween smoothie bowl inspired by a pumpkin! Although, it doesn't actually have any pumpkin in it - sorry guys. As I wanted this to be a specific colour, I have used food colouring but it did not have any effect on the overall taste. It also is not the neatest smoothie bowl in the world in terms of decoration but, who said all smoothie bowls had to look Instagram-worthy!


Favourite Make-Up Brushes

Although the make-up products in my everyday or evening make-up looks change fairly regularly, I tend to stick with using the same make-up brushes. Just like a make-up product, a brush can make or break your overall look. I have had many brushes in the past that did not apply the product nicely or I just could not work with it. I have owned all this brushes for a while now and have all featured in my make-up routines for ages, whether I have been using them for the same purposes or not. Most of my brushes are from Real Techniques as I think they are a great affordable high quality brush brand which are accessible to everyone as they are stocked in so many shops.

Life Of A Beauty Nerd - Favourite Make-Up Brushes

Lush Halloween Haul

Halloween and Christmas are my favourite collections that Lush bring out. As soon as I found out when my local store were officially selling the collections, I have been itching to stock up! My youngest sister is also obsessed with Lush so on Friday after she had finished with school, we went down to Lush to explore all the Halloween goodies! We were very good and did not get any of the Christmas things but don't worry, once Halloween is over - I will be all over that Christmas stuff! Some of the products we both chose and some only one of us chose but I decided to include everything that we bought!


Evening Skincare Routine

Since I posted my skincare routine back in April, my everyday evening skincare has changed and I have really been enjoying all the products that I have been using. Most of the products I have used before, but not together and I have found that they work really well together and there has not been a day when I have not done the full routine every night. The main purpose of my evening skincare routine is to make sure all my make-up from the day is off my face and my face is thoroughly cleansed. Also most of this products are cruelty-free which is always great.

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